The Jakubów Vineyard

Dalkowskie Hills
The vineyard, established in 2015 in the Trzebnica Hills, on two plots of land with a total area of 2.4 hectares, is characterized by its excellent location. The first of them, located 300 meters to the east behind the village of Krakowiany, is characterized by numerous undulations, with most of it terraced. The second parcel is located in the village itself, on a perfectly sunny plot. Both sites have very good loess soil, which is conducive to stress-free vine growth and provides adequate water and mineral nutrients. The long vegetation period and the favorable microclimate of the Trzebnica Hills are conducive to full ripening of the fruit and the achievement of optimal parameters. The challenge is only to maintain these conditions while working in the winery.

The Moderna Vineyard

Kaczawskie Foothills
The Jakubow Winery, founded in 2002 by Artur Pajdosz, father of the current owner Michal, is one of the pioneer wineries in Poland. Located in the picturesque village of Jakubow on the ridge of the Dalkowskie Hills, it occupies 4.5 hectares of sunny southern slopes planted with vines. The microclimate of the hills above the Oder Valley and the local soils create a unique terroir. The winery respects the environment, uses organic fertilizer and avoids chemical treatments. With 20 years of experience and biotechnological training, it carries out cultivation work by hand, with minimal intervention. He lets the wild yeast do the work, and clarifies using natural sedimentation, often forgoing filtration. This results in wines that are pure and honest, reflecting the character of the variety and terroir.

The Kindler Vineyard

Trzebnickie Hills
Kindler Vineyard is a family passion, turning into a fascinating story. Founded in 2012, it is constantly growing and evolving. The first successes have confirmed the accuracy of the founders' decisions. Located in picturesque Uniejowice, it offers a unique tasting experience on more than two hectares of vines. Surrounded by Grodziec Castle, vines of varieties such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Johanniter, Solaris and Riesling develop harmoniously. In autumn, in the atmospheric winery, the grapes are transformed into exceptional wines, following traditional methods and the highest winemaking standards.

L'OPERA Vineyard

Trzebnickie Hills
L'Opera Vineyard was founded in 2014 when the first seedlings were planted in the lands of the Trzebnica Hills of Lower Silesia. Slow ripening, precision, and passion are the foundations of l'Opera Vineyard's operation, making them ideal for customers who appreciate quality, innovation, and the beauty of minimalist design. It took about a year to research and analyze the climate of different areas of Poland. After detailed verification, it turned out that the most favorable area for viticulture, both in terms of location and climatic factors, is the area around the Trzebnickie Hills.
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